Every item on Bin 707 Foodbar's menu has a story. There is a purpose behind everything we do, whether it''s where we source our Colorado lamb or why we top our grapefruit curd with a beet merengue. With a vast knowledge of classic recipes, Bin 707 Foodbar is never reluctant to create a dish that has hinted of the classic but ultimately reinvents the idea. We aim to provide a unique, full-service dining experience that is both casual and welcoming, while being inventive and ahead of trends. Eating at Bin 707 Foodbar is always an adventure, although no matter how adventurous the menu may get, the Bin Burger served with beehive white cheddar and truffle fries will never fall out of fashion. 



Grand Junction is in the heart of Colorado's Grand Valley- a fertile oasis in the desert. We are surrounded by agriculture- farms, orchards, and wineries- allowing us to develop strong relationships to our ingredients and with our suppliers. 


Josh Niernberg, Executive Chef & Owner

Armed with an industry knowledge unmatched in Colorado and while working towards a degree in Industrial Design, Josh had an idea to combine art, business and engineering to create a restaurant unlike any other. The result was Bin 707 Foodbar- a think tank for food as applied to industrial design where Josh drives the development, prototyping, production and marketing of the menu. A certified Sommelier and fifth-generation Colorado



native, he exclusively sources local, Colorado and domestic ingredients while boasting the most unique wine, beer, and spirits list in the state. Josh, along with his wife and business partner, Jodi, will continue to push the boundaries of Colorado's food scene with the addition of a second and third restaurant scheduled for a spring 2017 opening in Downtown Grand Junction. 



Josh and Jodi have been an economic driver for the Grand Valley's agricultural industry- regularly rotating the menu in order to support whatever is in season from local farms. Their goal is to create a sustainable economy while providing a work environment with high standards in quality and commitment to their mission. Bin 707 Foodbar has literally changed western Colorado's food scene- economically driving the agricultural industry, expanding the palette of local diners in ways they never imagined, and bringing a community together on a regular basis to break bread. 



The Niernberg's second restaurant is scheduled for a March 2017 opening. TACO PARTY will be a 50 seat, quick service taco shop with a farm to table ethos. Despite the Downtown LA vibe, the menu will feature all Colorado products and continue to build on the sustainable food system that Bin 707 Foodbar has built over the past six years. Taco Party will feature a revolving menu of appetizers, salads, and daily taco specials along with soft serve ice cream such as sweet corn and roasted beet. Josh will use TACO PARTY to continue to explore and develop the the concept of high desert Colorado cuisine. 

When not building tacos, Josh will be experimenting in what will serve as his "incubator" for menu and concept ideas. DINNER PARTY will be a 50 seat dining room designed to be a multi-use space in which to showcase the best of Colorado's culinary world. Josh and Jodi plan to host weekly events such as collaboration dinners with featured chefs, purveyors and artisans. The space will also serve as the next generation of West Slope Supper Club- a pop up dinner party concept that promotes the Grand Valley as an agritourism destination, as well as an extension to Bin 707 Foodbar where the Niernberg's can host wine tastings, art shows and other events. 



Robin Brown, BROWNHOUSE PR & Events