Every item on our menu has a story. There is a purpose behind everything we do, whether it's where we source our Colorado lamb or why we top our grapefruit curd with a beet merengue. With a vast knowledge of classic recipes, we are never reluctant to create a dish that has hints of the classic but ultimately reinvents the idea. 

Grand Junction is the heart of Colorado's  Grand valley- a fertile oasis in the desert. We are surrounded by agriculture- whether its farms, orchards, or wineries- allowing us to develop strong relationships to our ingredients and our suppliers. 



Almost our entire menu is made from scratch, with the exception of some charcuterie and artisan cheese selection, ensuring that every meal enjoyed at Bin will be fresh, high-quality, and locally sourced. 

We aim to provide a unique full service dining experience that is both casual and welcoming, while being inventive and ahead of trends. Eating at Bin 707 Foodbar is always an adventure, although no matter how adventurous the menu may get, the Bin Burger served with beehive white cheddar and twice cooked, hand cut daily "skinny fries" will never fall out of fashion.